I’m a little sad too but more frustrated

November 1, 2006 at 2:51 pm

I was diagnosed with GBS about a year ago. It will be a year the day before Thanksgiving. I had a relapse just after recieving treatment and have done very well for the past 11 months back on my feet and feeling energized enough to partake in an intensive graduate program that pays career changing teachers. However this past weekend I got hit like a ton of bricks. I slept on Sunday about 20 of 24 hours and on Monady 19 of 24, then on Teusday went to my Neurologist who explained that I was probably fighting a cold and he told me it would take me alot longer to recover than it used to but Ihave pushed myself in the past and not until this past weekend have I felt this weak and tired. I was feeling all alone with this until I read this board. Anyone had an experience like this where you are doing great and all of a sudden Bamm!! You feel like your almost back to the very first day of the on set of GBS? Thanks New Member RON! Wish I could contribute more to your peace of mind but lookimg for my own.

Sorry about how bad it is going for you.