I love my medi port

June 14, 2006 at 10:26 am

I started getting IVIG treatments in MAy 2005 and by November my home health nurses were begging me to get a medi port. My veins were blowing before tey could get a IV started and when they would finally find one it would infiltrate before the treatment ws completed. When I had my follow up with my nuero in February 2006 he agreed and set up appt with surgeon.

Three weeks later I had my surgrery, they compleely knocked me out so I only remember being sore for the first couple weeks. I think part of what made me so sore for so long was that I left the outpatient surgery center at 11am and started my monthly treatment by 1pm that same day. I was also moving that week and this caused me to use my arms more than ususal.

Since then I have been going to the outpatient IV center for my treatments, as my disability as approved and I no longer got the medical card to cover home health. Anytime I need to get blood drawn they do it through my port and I LOVE that!!! It has been great.

My incision has scarred over more than I would like since he put it inthe center of my chest, just over my breat bone. I was upset about the placement at first but after being in the outpatient center and seeing some of the “knots” from the ports being placed in the shoulder area, I like my placement better. I am getting used to the scar and slight protrusion on my chest but have even been brave enough to wear tank tops and not worry about it. It is a part of me and my life now and I’m not going to hide from it.

Hope this helps and good luck with your appt.