I know the feeling Stacey!

May 20, 2009 at 2:42 pm

Stacey! I got up at 5 this morning and left by 7 just so I could take my mother to the doctors office. We went there and then to the drug store, then to the post office and then she wanted breakfast and we went to Waffle House and got breatfast. Stopped by the produce stand and then went to Belk Tylers! Fed my fathers dog after getting my mom home and unloaded my truck and out the produce away. Then I landed in my recliner to soon hit the couch. After reading your posting, I now know the couch sounds fantastic.
Stacey! I had 3 children to care for when I was at my worst with lupus. I remember all to well the bad times it was like. I used to buy stuff for the grill and let my husband be the chef a few nights a week. You may have to somewhere during you time frame find an hour or two a day just to sit back on the couch and rest. Even if it means Conner watching a DVD movie where you can shut those eyes and get rest! I had to do it with my children alot.
Rooms I don’t use I clean then up and shut the door and only clean them once a month.
I do what I can do and what don’t get done I don’t worry about it until the next day. Maybe perhaps getting a housekeeper to come in 2 times a month just to give you a break from that! And yes you are over pushing. Get the hubby to help you on the weekends getting the house cleaned. Tell him you could use some help because your fatigued all the time. And I do agee about printing some info for him to read. I feel for you for I have seen those days!
After getting home today from walking alot. I feel like laying down now and sleeping for 2 days! Conner is old enough now too to maybe help you with some chores. Giving him allowanace money if he does a good job helping you. If not in later years you are going to end up having two men in your house expecting you to do all the work around there with no help.
For years being sick as I was, I always was stuck cutting our grass and raking the leaves in our yard. Moved down to NC and then was stuck cutting my mom’s grass and then my yard again while my husband sat inside watching TV and my son playing video games. My mom broke her foot and had to come live with me 3 months. Here I was going to her house and cutting grass. Came home one weekend after cutting her grass and walked in all red in the face staggering like a drunk and went outside to cut my grass. She looked at the two grown men sitting around doing nothing and sailed in on both of them. LOL! Told them both off! Next thing I know my husband and son were both outside telling me to get off the lawn mower and go inside and get some rest. They have been cuttting the grass ever since! I am glad too for I thought it was going to kill me doing it all! Stacey! Your trying to hard dear! You really are! It will catch up with you! Everything you said in your posting is making you sound like you want to be normal again and trying so hard to be that way. But! After reading your posting! There are people I know that are normal and don’t do half the stuff you do! Alot of women that work come home with take out dinners. You may have to give up a few things just so you can get some rest in between! But you are doing to much! Good luck Stacie! Hugs
Linda H