I know that pain very well TJay

June 10, 2009 at 8:32 am

Hi TJay! I know what you mean about wanting to cut them off! LOL! Many a nights I have hurt so bad where I felt like cutting my own legs off saying that would help and the pain will go away! LOL!
But with me having pain also in other places, I would probably not be safe with a Chain Saw! I would be hacking away body parts everywhere! LOL!

Linda The Chain Saw Mess! TJay! You might get better from this and might not. I would do like Tim and try to keep working but if you find out later that you can’t then you may have to go out on SDD.

Just a strong word of advice though if you think you may be heading down that road! Save as much money as you can! For there is a waiting period with SSD and no Income coming in really stinks! I went 2 years before I got on SSD and was not a happy camper! But they do everybody this way! I just think when a person has a doctors statement sent to SSD claiming they will not be able to work and it will be long term or life that they shouldn’t give that person a hard time! Especially when that person had a great work record and no problems with employment. I don’t know? We have a really screwed up system when it comes to disabled and healthcare!
Back then when I went on SSD the longest a person waited was average of two years. But today I have seen some people go as long as 4 years. Some sooner like terminally ill but for those that are not considered terminal then we are looking at being on a waiting list~
I do hope you get better though! We don’t wish this stuff on anybody!

TIM! So glad to see you are getting better! Me! Not as lucky but still fighting~ Hugs
Linda H