I know of two good doctors in both States

May 3, 2009 at 6:44 pm

In Georgia there is one very good Neurologist by the name of Harry Francis Hughes in Augusta, GA. He specializes in GBS patients and other diseases but is really a good doctor. In South Carolina at MUSC we have another good doctor in Neurology by the name of Mary N. Herring at the MUSC , Rutledge Tower, 135 Rutledge Ave in Charlston, SC. Both of these doctor’s are very good. I saw Mary Herring when she was at Temple University in PA many years ago. Very caring an understanding doctor and is now an assistant professor there in Charlston. I was in the hospital at Temple with my Lupus because and University of PA ER was full and had no beds available. So they sent me to Temple. Mary took care of me until I could get back in with Mark Brown. She later left Temple and moved to Charlston. She’s good! Very good!
so sorry to hear about your sister being in so much pain. I hope my information in some way can help her out. I don’t have GBS but she specializes in GBS patients and CIDP now! Both doctors are good. Good luck with your sister! I will say many prayers for her!
Linda H