I hope your doctor can provide some good answers!

September 16, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Hi Marcia,

As a recovering gbs person, I can understand your frustration.. How are you husband’s spirits? I kept a log of my activity and sort of rated my progress and symptoms, including pain, numbness, headache, etc.. If you or he feels he has gone backwards, he really needs to get rechecked asap, and explain as clearly as he/you can what is happening to the neuro.. The have a variety of tests, and treatment plans that can be performed to diagnose and treat us….
I was kind of in a similiar situation as your husbands, where I wasn’t recovering anymore, and received added treatments that has put my problems in remission…. This included ivig and pulse steroids, and a two year recovery period.. (I came down with gbs 10/07 and am still recovering)
Best of luck, Deanop