i hope we can help

June 7, 2008 at 12:26 am

Our loved ones are going through this with us, so they have a stress all their own. It is common for them to go through periods where they act like your wife, but it is horrible for us.

I went through the same thing with my husband, and the only thing that helped was counseling. He doesn’t like to talk about things, so he had alot of little nit-picky things that i did to irritate him. But, he never told me, so i had no idea. That all came out in counseling and it saved our marriage.

He also doesn’t like me to talk to him about my illness. It stresses him out and he doesn’t understand the disease, so it confuses him, too. So, i try not to talk to him about it and that is why i went searching for this website. thank goodness i found it, because i was having a lot of resentment toward my husand, feeling like i should be able to go to him with my problems. This website has helped both of us because i have people to talk to who understand, and he doesn’t come home from work everyday to hear me tell him how miserable i am.

Im new here, so im not sure about this, but, i think there is a section here for loved-ones and care-givers. Maybe your wife could check it out?