I Have The Same Concerns!

November 20, 2008 at 3:47 pm

Hi Tracy,

I was also recently diagnosed with GBS. It was caught early – the day I started treatment I could feel the paralysis climbing from my calves by mid-morning then to my thighs by mid-afternoon. I thank my lucky stars that I was at The Methodist Hospital here in Houston, Texas because the neurologist diagnosed my GBS in about five minutes. I spent 19 days at The Methodist Hospital here in Houston and have been recovering since.

I am so tired of getting tired! The fatigue really bothers me. I am just biding my time with this thing because I believe there is a balance in this world and the way I see it, I have some good times ahead that are overdue!

I felt compelled to respond because I also worry about getting sick! I had a couple of sniffles last week and I didn’t want to leave my bed! Based on everything I have been able to read about GBS in the past several months, I have not read anything regarding the likelihood of recurrence triggered by the immune system’s normal response to fighting illness. But, I still worry that my immune system will attack me again!

I visit this website at least once a week. It really helps to learn about the experiences of others with this syndrome.

Welcome to the forum and best of wishes for a full recovery!