I have had what feel like electical shocking pain in the inner thigh

October 5, 2011 at 12:28 pm

[QUOTE=Bryn Jones]Hi
I’ve been a CIDP sufferer for about eight years and have had most of nther available treatments, but to no effect. The last six months have been a struggle and it’s getting worse. The question I’m asking is does anybody have pains in the thigh muscle and groin area?[/QUOTE]
Last week I had what felt like electical shocks in the inner thigh very near the groin. I have had this several times before but never above the knee. It is extremely painful. The pain is pulsating and occurs about every minute. I now have a medication to take when it starts. This calms it down in about four hours. Before the medicine it would continue for about 24 hours. I had my third treatment of IVIG this week. I hope it will also help.