I have had more than one initial diagnosis?

March 5, 2011 at 10:18 pm

But nearly 95%+ of my test results lead to CIDP …or one of it’s relative siblings?
I had been diagnosed w/carpal tunnel? 4 years before my ‘onset’ and it affected only one hand/arm. Treatments were massage therapies and exercises. Not much, granted, but the cause/effect of the carpal was a one time freak thing.
The sensory aspects of my CIDP onset were definitely bi-lateral [tho at different ‘speeds’?] and definitely progressive & agressively so. Nerve tests confirmed this aspect.
I honestly believe that there is a heap of cross-over between CIDP and such a slew of other neuro issues, that at any given time? A neuro writes down what’s in his mind at that one point in time!
I also believe, that should a neuro feel that a mis-diagnosis might have been done in the past? That I’d like to think that they’d re-test key aspects to either confirm or change their initial opinions.

Yuehan? One aspect you are missing here is all these ‘genetic’ issues! They are harder to test for, often ‘inconclusive’ and cost a fortune to little or no advantage for patients. They are still tricky tests to get done.

Me? I’m just glad I’m in the ‘neighborhood’ – it feels like the right one. Getting treatments that might work or possibly seek the more experimental treatments for? Gets you into many more doors than you would without any ‘names’.
It’s a starting point? Where it goes from there is up to you and your doc!
Good Luck?