I have become closer and closer to my loved one as my disease progresses

December 20, 2009 at 7:20 am

This is an interesting post.
I am sorry for the ones where the CIDP has declined their marriage or relationship.

For me, as time goes on, my lifemate and I, who have been together for 27 years, have been getting closer and closer.
He is my “star”, and love him dearly.
Since I have advanced-CIDP, which fully hit my autonomic system, I must take a handful of pills three times daily, which also includes some pain pills.
And at 4pm, I must take my Marinol pill, (the pill form of Marijuana), in order to be able to eat a small meal once a day.
But, between the pain pills and Marinol, I no longer have a good memory, and he makes sure I take my pills all the time.
He also makes sure I get my oxygen, and takes care of the machines.
He also takes care of my treatments for body sores, (like bedsores but from sitting). And helps me shower and gets dressed.
Though I ran my business for years, it is all turned over to him. I help him in the mornings, as I am the one with the techinical knowledge for our business, and am slowly teaching him that side of the business, (we set up tours for bands and musicians, mostly jazz and some classical, and some pop/world music/and rock).

I know some of you don’t like gay people, but as far as sex goes, it is out of the picture for me, since I have no feeling in the groin area, plus I have a catheter. But, you have to try to please your mate–so I try to please him as best that I can. He still likes to “play”, and I can participate with that…

He knows I am dieing, and he is trying to take care of me the best he can.
We have become as close as ever. We still go out to dinner every now and then–we have in our county, as service called, “Lift”. that picks you up, door to door, in my electric wheelchair, and we can go anywhere we want in California…though we stay down here in San Diego County…all for ONLY $4.00 each way, to anywhere. And he rides for free as my Caregiver, (PCA they call it). GREAT DEAL–lot’s of help!

We are with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He goes out to shopping and about, so we do get breaks from each other, and I have many doctors appointments.

But if you had the right person from the start, and true love was there from the beginning, then “for better or for worse”, your partner/spouse should stick by you. Perhaps some really didn’t have that “right person”.
But I sure did. I will love him ’til death comes to me.