I had the ‘sub-acute version?

August 22, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Started w/tingly toes, saw GP referred to a neuro, and 4 days before neuro appt it got so bad [spreading up past the ankles to the knees and the hands to elbows weren’t working too well either-all w/in a final 24 hour period] that GP said go to ER after a VERY VERY LOOONG wait, numbness & pain put me in the hospital for 3 days w/no diagnosis. The ‘on-call’ neuro wasn’t the one I’d wanted, and he decided that it was all in my mind [ignoring the progression of numbness up my legs to the torso]. A change of neuro’s after a couple of ‘second opinions’ [cheap in the long run] got me on the IVIG and I am grateful for those other doctors who believed me!
Soo it was less than a month to the hospital? A full year to actually get the diagnosis…do NOT give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My only other bit of advice? Don’t get scared? Get INFORMED! That way you can ask those questions that are rolling in your mind…keeping you awake and ASK the doc. I make notes on a steno notepad? Then reorganize them into about 5-7 short points I want to discuss w/the neuro-HE knows I mean business and therefore he is too…saves time for both of us.
I don’t [B][I]like[/I][/B] having such a chronic illness, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give it all my best to fight it and succeed to any degree.
Now? I’m gonna go get some lemons and make lemonade – anyone know of a SAFE sugar substitute?
Hope and good things for you and soon!