I got a good explaination!

October 11, 2008 at 5:23 pm

Very good explanation! There is North Korea and South Korea. My father fought in the Korean War and was one of the first to go in and got ambushed while trying to make land. My father was captured and stayed a POW in Korea for 29 1/2 months. South Korea and the US have had decent relations but North Korea is part of a Communist Country. They are also Allies of China. China and North Korea back then stuck together and were Allies. The Korean War lost thousands of Military Soldiers. It was a pretty bad war. In fact, the second Nuclear Bomb was getting ready to be ordered when Korea decided to make an agreement with the US.
Because we had some power with the Nuclear Bomb back then it was much easier to win a war. Now China has several Nuclear Bombs, Russia and many other countries.
Korea right now know’s it holds an upper hand again the US. We can’t be in Afghanistan, Iraq and then have a battle with them too! They know that and that is why North Korea took advantage of our situation. The US Government knows we can’t handle the entire world right now. We are too busy in the Middle East an really can’t financially battle another War.
We have Iran and Korea wanting Nuclear. Right now our biggest threat is Iran building it’s Nuclear facility. We have to make peace with one so they will be on our side with Iran!
I do agree that I think this is a dangerous situation but the US is in a rock and hard place right now. We can’t battle Russia, Korea and have Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan too! We go after Korea, we will then have China on our butts along with several other countries behind them.
The Bush Administration though as far as I am concerned has been one of the most highest spending , irresponsible political parties I have ever seen. Making some of the worst decisions in history! Anybody that get’s into office now is going to be better than what we have had in 8 years.
Ever notice how Collin Powell, Tom Ridge and Janet Reno all decided to retire a few years back. They certainly knew something we didn’t know and got out while they could. They had a good reputation and wanted to go out keeping that! I don’t blame them either!
The republican party got our country in a mess and I won’t vote republican right now no matter what! I still say Bush and the mess up with votes in Florida was crooked. Al Gore won that election! But something happened. And I have a feeling this next election we may see problems again!