I gerrit!

September 7, 2007 at 1:32 pm

Having another health distraction for 3+ months and loads of pain from my PDN I have just been cruising on here to take my mind off the pain in my feet.

The ICD code is something new to me but your stubborn determination has rung a bell for you. Hope all goes well with getting approval for Rituxan. I can almost hear cheers from across the North Sea from here as when Allaug reads it she will encourage your hope.

I have been responding to Dick S on his thread “Hot summer, bad for my CIDP”. He wrote: [QUOTE]My pain has been off the charts, both neurological pain and muscular type pains.[/QUOTE] and [QUOTE]My feet still suffer through the drawn up tendons. My feet fatigue in about an hour now. I used to be able to be on my feet at least half the day, now it is only a couple of hours. [/QUOTE]
We’ve had a non-summer until recent days but I have had the same kind of deeper pain this year. You know about my mini-pressure fall triggers explanation. Have not been able to do real work in the garden for weeks.

Hope the joint efforts of the oncologist and your rooting from mid-field (does that sound American?) works!;)