I don’t know

February 28, 2009 at 6:47 am

I don’t know but had bladder prob before this gbs and also had constant prob’s other way to ether to runny or to dry and stuck .I no yuk, but if any one had this before gbs wonder if there’s conection? But yes I have this prob still , my on set aug 16th 05. So don’t no how long you have had this? But just kind of do what I did go to bath room every 5 to 10 min’s so your body get’s use to this, and after a little bit if your lucky, like me you will be able to control little better. It took a long time still have drip’s but other has been good so far. So like any thing else with this G B S it’s alot of work. So keep chin up and always give GOD all glory for everything you do, and can do. IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!