I don’t know about that concern….

January 3, 2009 at 1:24 pm

I get well over 200ml each day for two consecutive days every 4 weeks. I’m not overweight nor am I super big nor tall. I’ve been getting my doses regularly for over 4 years now. The key to side effects has always been an alertness as to what is being done to you and controlling the infusion rates, for me.
The reactions are why folks are usually started in the hospital, after all. Some initial reactions can be really serious!
Actually my starting experiences were IN the neuro’s offices, it was later with infusions in the actual hospital that I had encountered problems – as the staff wasn’t adequately trained [tho they did many IG infusions for many conditions] as to reactions and proper responses! I complained and believe staff was ‘updated’ as to proper procedures. It is sites such as this and others that have educated me as to what to look out for as warning signs and what to do should something nasty occur. Information that I’d found a couple of years ago has ‘dissappeared’ tho.. I guess there are likely liability issues attached to us knowing more than we ‘should’?
As I’ve said, the pre-med route is usually the best prevention. Combinations of Benedryl, Tylenol and Solumedrol are the usuals. I’m currently on a seemingly boatload of benedryl pre-med. I’m asleep for the rest of the day! But, I’m grateful to get infusions at home? Driving home from the hospital on infusion and benedryl overload? Well, it was an adventure. Glad you weren’t there to see me driving under THAT influence! Try and explain THAT one in court. Fortunately? have not had to encounter a need to explain!
Good luck, just let your body tell you if it’s good, iffy or BAD! YOU will know!
Don’t give up? Maybe you’ve just got a lot of rampaging inflammation to overcome before you feel results. Stick it out and see.