I do not understand the delay to test you.

June 18, 2008 at 10:46 pm

Hi, I have not understood why they would delay testing you. An EMG would not hurt the baby. A spinal tap should not hurt the baby, it is basically the same as an epidural–it definitely would be harder for you to curl up into a ball!! so someone good would need to do it, but that can happen with planning. IV IgG can be given to mothers with limited effect on infants–we do it for maternal ITP where the platelets are low for delivery and the baby is at risk of bleeding due to low platelet due to destruction of the babies by mom’s antibody crossing the placenta.
I agree with others–go to a bigger place like the U of Michigan or Ann Arbor–Jerimy might help you find someone good in Michigan.
It seems to me that a lot of your stress (as, unfortunately, is the case for many of us), is due to not really knowing what you have, have you can do about it, and what the future might hold for you regarding what you can do as a mother of three, nurse, wife, and person.

WithHope for cure of these diseases
GBS 3/07 (per neurologist–maybe GBS, maybe not; maybe CIDP, maybe not, maybe MS, maybe not…) Someday I hope to get a label also. Much of my tests were not supportive of GBS, just the clinical presentation is and EMGs are abnormal so I have been stated to be a variant of GBS or Gullain-Barre-oid as he says….