I can’t believe it….

October 26, 2007 at 6:43 pm

I happened to get a msg from someone I’d never met here and had long ago stopped coming here…so I get here and voila!

Fatigue. It is dismantling my life. It has been really hard on my family. I have a great wife and 4 kids and its hard on them. I know it makes my wife feel so lonely when I am in bed and can’t even wake up to talk. I am tired in a way that almost seems like it would be better to just slip away…(sorry–just being honest)

I have always been a strong personality, a fighter…but, this thing is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. I am a guy that would never have expected this to be something that would beat me.

Since the weather began to change about a month ago, here in Utah, I have really been down hard.

My doctor just prescribed 200mg Provigil once a day. I am on day three. Yesterday it gave me a big lift and I went out and ran myself into the ground. you’d think I would know better by now :rolleyes:

Anyway, it is nice that this was here. I needed it.

November 6th—2 year anniversary of the full blown version of GBS

DeadofKnight–my chess name on another website. I used to play at night a lot and Knights have been my favorite pieces forever…