I am proud of you! And that you are doing relatively well…

March 21, 2010 at 9:09 pm

Still, don’t ever forget? As much as you want to? To pace yourself, you will find that as days go by, each one you can do a bit more, the next, even more! Don’t go into an overachievment fit tho, as you’ll be set back for days!
In a way? You seem to have approached your doc in a similar way as I had mine. I tho, have never felt the 5-minute shuffle tho. I may have to wait an hour later to see him? But when I do, I know that attention is on ME! And be it 5, 10 or 30minutes? I will get listened to. And that those waiting behind me will be heard as well. That’s why I appreciate my neuro!
But, there are always questions by me, ‘which will be gotten back on’ and never are? Irks me, as I give more info and am more up to date than he at times? But HE knows that, and knows it’s available thru me if he needs it. Oh well, he’s got to deal w/ hundreds of neuro problems, CIDP is just one he is familiar with…Thank goodness he is familiar with it!
Keep on. Love your reports!