I agree with all everyone has said

April 5, 2009 at 3:36 pm

It IS important to let-it-out every now and then. Don’t keep it in, ever. It is important too to let your kids family and co-workers know that you are ‘different’…but not so different as they can’t talk be civilised and hug.
Go on your honeymoon! Go out and PLAY! Don’t even think about HOW are we gonna do this? Because this is a time to get [re]acquainted and share your love. Withhope is soo right about this aspect.

Connor is smart enuf that if HE can’t stand it? He’ll work around it or call you.
You’ve raised him well and it’s an opportunity for him to learn how to fly a little. How he lands from it will be a good guide as to how to deal with ‘things’ in the future. I believe other moms here will tell you that kids are a lot smarter than they let on at times.

YOU DESERVE some treats for you AND YOUR HUSBAND! Relay any fun things [not too personal mind you] so many of us can enjoy vicariously! Promise?

Hope and fun this time!