I agree that …

April 5, 2011 at 7:59 pm

flu-ish symptoms mite occur? The runs, and loss of appetite? But first before you start? HYDRATE LIKE CRAZY… Get some Gatorade. Drink a[1] 12-16 oz bottle then slurp more water till you slosh! Why? First off, makes your veins easier to ‘access’ or get a IV-line into; Second? Helps you slough off all the dead bad antibodies the IVIG mite create? It does put a stress on your liver which is the filter? So, more water to help ‘filter’ helps things along.
Silly tho this all sounds? It can help reduce ‘flu-like’ symptoms…but, don’t forget that you are having an immune ‘booster’ essentially and there are other parts of your body that mite well, object? Ususally it’s the ‘runs’, but occasionally it’s loss of appetite or even vomiting. Best advice is to eat very light like a broth and fruit cup the nite before? Likely after your first infusion? You WILL be HUNGRY!!!! I know I’ve been that way after each one..tho sleepy too from the pre-meds.
Web up the two most common brands ‘Gammagard’ and ‘Gammunex’ and add ‘full prescribing information’ – then read that stuff…don’t let it scare you, just EDUCATE you as to what all this stuff is and what it can do for you? Then..what side effects there mite be.
The process itself is ‘interesting’ at first? Get’s dull after a while.. Dull? IS a good outcome! Truly. Go and do it!
Also? Sounds like you’ve got a good schedule. But, to be safe? Do you have a friend to meet your daughter? Just in case? Be safe, careful and good infusing!