I agree but, do take into consideration that …

April 3, 2011 at 12:24 am

your lymphatic nervous system [which provides oils to your skin, and removes wastes from below?] is affected as it is sort of part of the sensory system.
Simply put, if your nerves don’t work right? They give off very bad traffic signals to get things going off into the right direction. This is on top of the fact that your basic circulatory system is sort of off kilter too, because those sensory nerves aren’t telling your body when you’ve got fluid build up somewhere or are too hot or cold….
Sooo? YES they are similar to diabetics? But more so, in several ways… checking your feet and the rest of you daily is a MUST! Because we are numb in some places, IF we injure ourselves? We mite not know until…we’ve got some big infection problem.
I know of too many diabetics who have had to be hospitalized due to such ‘injuries’? That there is a good reason to be overly cautious in this quarter. Don’t know about you? I LIKE my toes, and fingers! I want to be as careful as possible to keep them where they are…attached.
The doing can be at times complicated? The doing it can be simple.
Good luck!