I actually got to be seen by a ‘neuropthomologist’!

January 4, 2010 at 7:25 pm

OK Say that 3 times real fast! IF you can say it? You’re still of sound mind and body!
My tale started about 4 months before my first ‘nerve attack’. Vision went down VERY noticably during my optomotrist exam. It was he who suggested seeing the neuro-opth., rather than a basic opthomologist. Got in and the guy was amazing! Tested me thru other specialists he knew for heart, vascular and other visual possibles. Came up aces on all of the tests. BUT FOR THE KEY ONE! He had to SEE what was going on w/my eyes WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING! ??? Told to go LOOK in a mirror at my pupils when my problem was ‘happening’ and IF I could, get to my optomotrist so he could see and verify IT happening. It did had he did! Whew! It doesn’t work at 10PM tho!
IN my case? It wasn’t double vision, more like a thick cloudy ground-fog would travel thru the exact middle of my line of sight… It’d either be a white cloud or a gray [in varying shades one]. Quite unnerving to ‘get this’ when you are driving some twisty roads? I got lucky and it’d started to happen on my way to this doc! Well, I was no longer a ‘nutcase’. Since it comes and goes? The doc decided it was a non-aura migraine of sorts. Go figger. Then, it just went away. It comes ‘back’ tho less noticable when I’m stressed or maybe are having some sort of ‘relapse’..[never documentable tho] Sigh.
I was lucky that I didn’t have double vision! I had that before I’d had cataract surgery long before all this! Nasty stuff!
I did read about ‘vision problems’ in papers for the mid-90’s? But those papers are out of date and no longer considered ‘viable’ in the diagnostics aspects used today. I wonder why not? Hope this helps. Start feeling the walls to get around!!! Smiles and good things soon!