how young was I…? gbs 45 years… cidp 46 years…

October 6, 2008 at 7:26 pm

😮 I was 45 years young diagnosed with gbs about 11/1/07…. I was beginning to have symptoms within a couple weeks of a physical/tetanus/flu shot…… by end of October 2007 I was pretty much paralyzed neck down, with some ability to move my arms and wiggle fingers…. I continued to decline until about 10th of November… Had some significant relapses in February 2008 (weakness, numbness, tingling); Even so, I was pretty much walking unaided… and have been on ivig pretty much off and on until a consistent program of ivig around april until present…. Began pulse steroid (methylprednisilone 500 mg ) and ivig in June until present…. I’ve been diagnosed largely cidp by the university doctors in April 2008….. Although, I think it has been just the full healing process of the gbs….. My reflexes returned pretty much totally now around August 2008! I still have a numb big toe, buzzing ankles, fatigue, and a spot on my left calf about the size a grapefruit that is totally numb….. Other than that I would say I’m about 75-80%, and life is good! Heck, I have pretty much returned to an active lifestyle, except, for limited strenous work related tasks.. Dean:)

Secrets of what I consider success to recovery…. Caring, supportive, and active spouse or significant other…. Friends, prayer, therapy (I had a great deal of physical and occupational until July), good insurance, low stress,