Hopkins and other

July 19, 2008 at 8:12 am

I hear ya’s,

I am defineately going to follow up with Julie’s Doc. to reaffirm my diagnosis and lack of treatment plan. A perfect schedule would be just after the result of HNPP. I truely believe that this is more inflammatory. based on a huge flare up after lumbar surgery and the fact that a previous eppidural caused foot drop. My feeling is some of the assymetical symptoms is due to hernaitions
in my neck and back cause worse symptoms on those nerve lines that the opposite sides. I have 4 neck herniations from C-3 through C-6. that explains uneven hand problems, and the L4 L5 double microdiscectomy for LH herniation explains my LH calf weaker than rt. it hasn’t totally healed yet.

My Primary care Dr. does exrpess importance of rest and don’t worrry about things. I replaced the bike with a camera for hobby sake. don’t even try to over exercise. I stopped all projects at home or even idea’s I had. Its survival mode. He indicated that I have enough problems to go onto medicare but if I feel better by keeping mentally active with my employment, that may help keep me from depression and such.

The employer has been more than good to me. I don’t have to do anything really strenuous anymore. When I do travel currently it is for like to train new people and mentor them, go to trade shows, and minor support things and projects. I just have to get there, that is the difficult part. I schedule my layovers for greater than 1.5 hrs so I have time to walk to the next gate.
I could have a desk job, but I work from my home. I would have to move to
Knoxville, TN. Not just yet. It is possible though.

My Supervisor has a blind and autistic son. He is very understanding. The US plant manager passed away from Brain Cancer, and the HR director’s daughter commited suicide because of the mothers illness. then she just passed away. So, Trajedy has struck people I work with and they are very understanding. We also have a canadian tech with MS. he is still active as well.