hope this helps

April 25, 2007 at 10:41 pm

I am to just recovering (1 year) from gbs and recently had an Three teeth removed due to an abss tooth gone really bad. I was on oral antibiotics for three days before and 7 days after. I was also told by the oral surgeon that novacaine is not as effective on gbs patients and that my best bet was to be put to sleep for all future dental work. He also told me that pain after the dental work would most likly be more intense and so he also prescibed a strong pain med for 5 days.Hope that everything goes smoothly for you.:D

Hope this helps

October 10, 2006 at 1:25 pm

Hi I’m new here to, not new to cidp though. I am praying that this support group will help with all the fusterations, and fear I have been going through.

When the cidp came back it was something my girls were not use to (8 & 5), I like you, did so much before that. Not being able to do things is something that I must explain daily. This has been hard because sometimes I think I can do something and then I realize I can’t. Six months into this I am finaly learning how to ask for help. I just talk to them both honestly and when I can’t find the words or I just want to cry because “I can’t”, I ask my husband to explain. My 5 year old (then 4) was scared to go to her day school and leave me at home alone in the beginning, luckly school was almost over and once summer was here she learned I would be okay alone. She is back a school and enjoying it again. I know it is hard for kids since my father has had MS since I was 6 years old. I never thought it would be me, yet here I am. One day your child will look back and see how brave you are and how even under such hard circumstances you were strong, and like me, will think how lucky we are to have such strong parents. This will only make your child compassionate to others like us, and we need more people in this world like that. God bless, I hope this helped.