Honestly, I’d always thot that some blood tests’

September 14, 2009 at 4:58 pm

numbers would tell all? But, once you get settled into a ‘routine’? And, they tell by your #’s that things are ‘stabilized’, not much else happens, by way of testing. Guess new issues, or additional ‘justification’ by the docs has to be done to warrant more testing. HUMMM…
It’s sort of a ‘rock the boat’ issue? By which, complaining just mite mean that the IG isn’t working…ergo no more IG? It’d be best to keep ‘notes’ on how you felt, rite after your first infusions….then feeling now, a time later. Documentation is better proof than anything in my humble opinion. It’s possible that subsequent blood tests could be taken for week 1,2, or 3 to determine how the immune system is acting/reacting to the IG and other factors.
It’s a hard game to play with any doctor, and by ‘game’ I mean, how he will take your input and deal with it. Some docs are good for the IG, others are very, very stingy about doling it out. It shouldn’t be a ‘game’ per-se, but at times you get the neuro on a very ‘bad’ day and you can suffer for the inattention [such as losing a patient or the like] .. You have to learn to read your neuro as well, if not better than he can read you!
I’ve always found that honesty, well-documented, works the best. You always get caught in lies, so never exaggerate nor understate – just the facts works.
I hope this helps even a little.