High IGM

January 11, 2008 at 4:29 pm

Thank you for your note Allaug. As I understand now on further research, one can have an elevated IGM count as a result of an infection of some sort, but I know at the time that my count was taken I had no such infections. However, this does point to the fact that one could have increased IGM levels without monocloned antibodies, in other words a polyclonal increase in IGM.

I think I am going to remind my doctor of this elevated level of IGM (400) from Sept. 05, and ask to have another quantitative immunoglobulin test run. If its still high, or even higher, maybe another electrophoresis to again look for monoclones.

I have read in the medical literature of instances where it took several investigations to uncover monoclonal proteins. My diligence on this is that I believe it might radically alter my current treatment path towards rituxan or stronger chemotherapy drugs, to force a remission.