Hi Sue and Gary

August 20, 2008 at 1:42 am

Well Sue you explained me years ago when my lupus was active in a flare trying to cut my grass back then. Same thing would happen. And I did exactly what you did! It was like my body was telling me to stop or pay the price later and I listened like you did.
Gary! I was seen at the ER tonight and they ran some labs and an EKG again. Nothing showed up that was considered serious. But the doctor did say that he thought the same thing. Tachardia.. mispelled.. but told me to follow up with my regular doctor on Friday. I decided to get checked again. Will be posting in another posting about that one! Thanks for all the advice. When it comes to the heart that’s an organ we can’t play with. It stops and we are gone! I certainly am not ready for that yet! Thank-you all for the help!