Hi Selenne!

May 27, 2009 at 4:53 pm

Hello Selenne! I know one fantastic doctor but he is located in Philadelphia. His name is Mark Brown and is a Professor of Neurology at the University of PA Hospital. I swear though by what you have described it sounds just like my Nephew. Had headaches all the time and was weak and getting sick. And did the same exact thing your son is doing!
He just recently got diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Would certainly be worth checking into. It’s a food allergy to Gluten and so many people have it. It usually starts out in a young person but if it goes undiagnosed can gradually get worse and can actually look like the person has CIDP because it can cause nerve damage. My nephew ended up in a wheel chair and couldn’t walk, landed in the hospital really bad off. My sister as a last resort took him to see a Gastrologist and they did the Endoscopy and it came out Celiac! He is now walking and doing great and back in college. He too kept having to drop out of school several times. Before I would start the process of seeing a new Neurologist I would try to get that ruled out and see what happens. If not Celiac then I would try another Neurologist! So sorry to hear about your son and I do hope he gets better soon. Also with him having bone pain. I would also reccommend him seeing a Rheumatologist! Good luck!
Linda H