hi roland

September 5, 2010 at 1:23 pm

im coming up on the 1 month–monday for the steroids. Actually ,walking has been harder since on them, more weakness and more numbness?? I havent called dr and have been sticking with them because she DID tell me it would take a few months to determine if they’re going to work. I had already been doing the ivig every 12 weeks for the past year. no worsening and very slight improvement–steroids added to see if they would give the ivig a boost? Dont mind dealing with this increase in weakness if i knew it was just the prednisone doing its thing and once i get off it i’ll be stronger or better–but no way of knowing i guess until i let it run its coarse…..whatever dont kill us will make us stronger–so they say–BUT lol ,thats what i’m afreaid of. nice to hear from you—your’e doing 3 months on the steroids too–right? I’ve read through a lot of archive posts and weakness from prednisone did seem to happen often—-i just could never seem to find posts that talked about what happened after the trial–did the strength improve to where it was prior –better–or worse case scenerio–stay weak like while taking the prednisone. If i find any more info on this i’ll keep you posted..hang in there : ) Lori