Hi Redchipster!

June 8, 2009 at 2:25 am

Hi Redchipster and Ken! I was diagnosed with CIDP last year but have been dealing with nerve damage about 14 years now. Right now I am waiting to see a doctor today and hoping they start it right away. I wonder if Rituxan would be a possible idea.
I could not handle that and refused the treatment with it but a few in here have has some good results.
I know my CIDP is progressing. Something going on with me now and that is why I am seeing the doctor. My nerve damage stuff going on with me is painful! Terribly painful! Last night I had my feet propped up two feet in the air and was wearing my arm splints. It’s two in the morning now and look who’s up!
I wish both of you my best and pray that something finally comes out to help you both. Hugs
Linda H