Hi Peggy

September 12, 2008 at 8:30 am

Hi Peggy! So sorry to hear this my friend. Looks like we both are in simular shoes. I think it may be due to a weak immune system. Our immune systems get weak and the cancer comes in place. With no exercise and probably our diets too that can play a role in getting cancer.
And too, many of us have to take immune supressing drugs that can make our bodies more vunerable.
Just an example here. I have Systemic Lupus the prednisone in later years caused my lining of my stomach to no longer absorb B-12. Now I have thyroid cancer with surgery coming up. Without the drugs back in 1993 until now. Which is 15 years. Many years ago anybody that got diagnosed with Lupus barely survived because of the lack of medical technology back then. So many woman that got this disease died from it. Those drugs gave me 15 years of life that the other women in the older days didn’t have. And I had CNS Lupus back then and would have died! No doubt about that one. But instead I gained 15 years because of those immune suppressing drugs. When you take these drugs for a long period of time they can eventually weaken your immune system causing other problems. 15 years later! Systemic Lupus. Asthma, A Pernious Anemia, CIDP and now Cancer of the Thyroid!