hi Niki from your Aussie neighbour!

April 10, 2007 at 11:51 pm

Hi Niki,

I was in ICU for 4 weeks and in hospital for 7 before i walked out – no walker or anything. Definitely “chuffed” … didnt realise that was not an international word. Ali, where were you before the US … trying to narrow origin down a bit.

As for the hallucinations, you did not miss out on anything believe me. I was in an induced coma for 5 days and when i came out it was like i was caught half way between the coma and reality. I heard what was going on around me and bits of reality were weaved into the hallucinations so i didnt know what was real and what wasnt. Some were funny (there was a theme park underneath the hospital) but others were terrifying – i thought my son had been killed and no one would tell me. I also thought the nurses were whispering about me and thought i was putting it on and had changed all my notes.