Hi my dear GBS family

October 22, 2007 at 8:42 pm

I have not been here awhile, but now Im getting close to one year birthday of my dx GBS it will be 11 of nov, I still are numb in my feet and have terrible pain in theim. also now when I started to work more in my candlesworshop I feel strange pain in my arms, so maby Im overduing my self I dont know, yesterday my tingle in the feet got worse, but with more pain meds and good nightsleep with sleeping pill I got 8 hours rest and was pretty good this morning, was not so drunk when I went from the bed. my feet feel they are in tight sock even though Im not in any socks. I was hoping that this feeling would go away and hopfuly it does with time, time is all we have and enough of it to let the body heal it self. Enough of my crying:D I hope you my family is doing good I have not gone through all the posts but I pray for theim who is new digonosted and their family I know it is hard on every one and maby harderst for the familymebers to see their love one lying in bed and can do nothing. Love and Hugs to you all.
ps. if you like to see my candles that Im doing then go to my website [URL=”http://www.tofraljos.com”%5Dhttp://www.tofraljos.com%5B/URL%5D