Hi Jan! Pleasure to meet you!

June 2, 2009 at 10:17 pm

Thank-you Rhonda and Jan! Pleasure to meet you Jan and welcome to the site! Wonderful group we have in here! One big family with different things going on! But we all seem to understand each other and how we are feeling and are very supportive! Not everyday you find a group like this on the internet! Thanks to the internet we can all share our experiences and give one another support! So we hope you come in more often and join the crowd!

Still feeling rather scanky and got really dizzy this evening. Weather here too is a hot one in the 90’s and humid. Which don’t help much! Plus I had alot of company today due to it being my Birthday. Aunt came over and had a cake and card with $25.00. Sister and mom came buy and there was $30.00 and then my mom gave me $150.00. Then my son mailed me card and there was another $100.00. My daughters went in together and gave me $150.00 and my husband gave me a $100.00. I earned $555.00! LOL!

They know we have been remodeling a room making it a food pantry. And I wanted to buy a new wood door with a glass screened door. What I wanted was going to cost about $650.00 for both doors! I’m $95.00 short but have that already so maybe in a few weeks I can get my door installed! Remodeling that room has cost us more than we thought. Recession has the cost of everything going bonkers! That one little room has cost us $800.00 so far and then the $650.00 for the door. And then I wanted to buy a new washer and dryer!

Looks like I am going to have to wait on the washer and dryer. Mine still work and still have good life to them. They are only 6 years old. But I wanted to get a more energy saver kind. That will be my Christmas this year! LOL! My freezer is new though. Bought that last year! So it’s fairly new! But giosh have things gotten high!

The back board we placed in my kitchen I spent $600.00 for and that was high! It’s rediculious the prices of things right now!
I am off to bed now! Been so sleepy today and having a time keeping my eyes open. The prednisone is helping some but just a tiny bit. Wished my darn labs would hurry up and get in! Some have come back but 3 have not!

My CPK was abnormal, Electro Serum Protein is abnormal, ESR was high. ANA was high and we are waiting on IGA IGG and IGM to come in. The ANA is indicting that my lupus is in a nasty flare! If the IGA, IGM and IGG come back showing any positives then he will talk with me on Monday about that. And also wants me to get new labs done on Monday! So we will just wait and see what happens Monday!
Well off to bed I go! Hugs
Linda H