Hi Hope

May 23, 2009 at 10:56 am

Hope, To the question that you asked I do think that there is a connection with CIDP in my family. My father was diagnosed with CIDP, one of my half brothers is just now beginning to show the same signs as my father when he was that age, but he refuses to take my advice and get checked out for this problem, my oldest half sister is also showing the signs of having a neurological problem. The doctors have told her that she has bad knees and replaced them (like they did my father) they have also told her that she has bad circulation in her legs also and they have her wearing the medical socks. She also refuses to take my advice and get checked out by a neurologist. I have another half sister that did take my advice and she did get checked out by a neurologist and they have diagnosed her with perifial neuropathy. I have a full blooded sister that was diagnosed 18 yrs ago with MS that does acupuncture 3x’s a week and she was checked again years ago for the MS and they told her she was misdiagnosed and that she didn’t have MS. So now she thinks that she is cured and now and then she wakes up and has blurred vision or her legs won’t worked properly or her arms are tingling, but she states that she is fine and she doesn’t have any problems of neuropathy and refuses to go to another Western neurologist and get checked out. She only does Eastern medicine now. So to your question I do think that my family has a gene that carries a neurological problem within us, but no one but me (I guess) can see the actual resemblance to what I and my father are/did go through/and going through. Unfortunately they do not take my advise for I am the youngest child (44) and my half sister (who is the oldest) is already 74yrs old, so they figure I have no idea what I am talking about. I hope that I have answered your question for you. Sorry for such a long response. Pam

Hi Hope!

May 23, 2009 at 1:36 am

Hi Hope! What is Acety-L Cartinine? Is that an over the counter product? My biggest issue with this Lupus is constant fatigue. I’m just wondering if this will help fight off my fatique. And Pam! I think the Gabapentin would probably be your best bet with the pain. I started out taking mine at bedtime and it really helps me sleep. Good luck and Hope I can’t wait to hear about this product you just mentioned! Hugs
Linda H