Hi Guskno!

May 11, 2010 at 4:34 am

Hi Guskno-

Pleasure to meet you! Read your reply. You are correct. I am speaking w/my union rep and will be filing a grievance in the next couple of weeks. My HR director says “I took longer to recover (one extra year) and lucky the company gave me a second chance” due to my longevity of working at the same company for over 20+ years. In the current time span, the person who took over my job (part time) was rewarded w/full time status. He is at a halfway house recovering from drug & alcohol as we speak. The HR Director keeps on pointing out that my arms don’t look right and worries that I will get hurt carrying 50 pounds. Actually that can be pointed out as discrimination because the HR Director is not a medical expert to support that theory. I still believe that a miracle will happen this year and justice shall prevail! Take care :0)