Hi Gloria

May 14, 2009 at 11:14 pm

Hi Gloria! They found me with thyroid cancer last year and I had to have my thyroid removed. But my cancer was not the really really bad kind and I only had to get Radioactive Iodine treatments and 1 Radiation Treatment. I too have CIDP with Lupus causing the CIDP. And gosh was I awefully sick last year. A little better now than I was last year. Then to try and get the CIDP controlled they tried me on Rituxan and I only got one of those. Could not tolerate the Rituxan. Now they are going to try me on Imuran. I hope that works. Right now they have me taking prednisone/ But even with the prednisone the CIDP and Lupus is still lurking. Although our treatments are different we both had cancer and had to be treated. Lets just say that last year I thought I was dying! I have been sickly for many years and seen a few times where I was in danger with my life. But last year I suffered something aweful! Could barely use my hands and my legs were on fire having to use wheel chairs and walkers and today even though I am not 100 percent better, I can at least say I am 50 to 70 percent better! Varies on the day and what I do during the day. Not sure what type of cancer you have but some cancers can cause CIDP. After the treatment depending on the type of cancer you get better. But it depends on that cancer you have.
That radiation and chemo mixed is no fun picnic for anybody! Everybody I have been around that had to have noth treatments were pretty darn sick for quite a while. Some pulled through and are now doing great while others the cancer was to far gone and they didn’t make it through. Basically because the cancer was terminal type. If they got everything out and now the Chemo and Radiation are required you will be sick for a while. But after the last treatments you will start regaining some strength back. It might even make the CIDP better. Just depend on the patient and what they have going on.
So deeply sorry to hear of your suffering and will keep you in my prayers. Being sick is not fun and having CIDP or any type of Nerve Damage stuff is a bad experience for any of us. I wished they had one miracle pill that would get us all well! I wish you my best dear and do hope you get better! Hugs
Linda H