Hi Dawn Kelly and Jan

November 5, 2008 at 3:55 am

Hi Dawn Kelly and Jan!

Dear God! I have some very special friends on this forum that I have never met in person but have met online and they have been so good to me in my time of need! Now they are needing your strength and guidance and help!
I am asking you oh heavenly father to take Emma and Kevie into your arms tonight and hold them tightly protecting them from any harm. they are two very beautiful children that are with sickness and both of these children tonight need your help. Please place your arms around them and make them well again. Give Dawn and Kelly the strength to pull through this hard time and help them with what they are going through.
God! These are very good people that try very hard everyday in life. They have kept the faith and prayers and want to believe they have hope. Please
give them that hope!
As I feel your presence inside me while praying, please take this beautiful warm feeling that you are giving me and help all that need prayers in this forum tonight.
Help Jan and her husband in their time of need. They have a problem and are asking you for guidance and answers. Somehow someway please give them a sign of what they should do. Give them the one message they need so their prayers can be answered.
I pray for world peace and for all that are suffering from pain, hunger and illness.
In the name of our Heavenly Father! Amen
May God touch all those that read this prayer today!