Hi Clare!

May 1, 2009 at 8:53 pm

Hi Clare! So sorry to hear that you are in alot of pain. Many doctor’s don’t like giving narcotic pain meds. My husband freaked out on my doctor and now I have the pain meds. I take tylenol 3 with codiene but it’s restricted for only as needed. Telling your Neuro that you take your husbands was a big mistake! The Neuro might be thinking that you are getting the pain meds for your husband. So beware what you say to your doctors. But keep telling him that you are in severe pain and going nuts at home and can’t sleep anymore because of it.
Hope he will end up giving you something for relief soon! I had an experience with a new doctor down here in NC when I mentioned being on Zanax of 2.75 mgs in PA when I first moved here. Told the man I needed my RX for it and showed him my records of being on that high of a dose. He got all nasty with me and told me that he was not giving me any kinds of drugs like that. That is why I am now only on .25 now. The jerk wrote in my records that I may have a problem with Zanax and warned the doctors in my records not to give me Zanax! My regular doctor will only give me .25mgs because of what that jerk wrote. My husband had to step in a few years ago and they finally gave me something for pain. But I only get so many a month. One thing I do not have is an addiction problem. Never had an addiction and have alway’s been able to stop taking my RX’s with no problems. But these doctor’s watch out for signs and when they hear you say you take your husbands pain pills. That gives them a reason for a red alert.
I now pay the price for it too! I did fantastic when I was on Zanax. But now I take more than one RX of different things when I could not be taking as many if I was on the Zanax. But I don’t complain anymore about it! Just be very careful next time when you talk to your Neuro. Might pay to get a family member to go with you and let them tell how you are doing. At least then you have an aliby! Feel better soon! Hugs
Linda H