Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day? Now do you expect to do so in a day too?

April 14, 2010 at 6:53 pm

[B]NOT![/B] Chill, you’ve been outta work essentially w/your body, and it takes TIME and a heap of patience and PLANNING to do things from now on.
You have had a SERIOUS INSULT to your body! Take that and learn as much about this insult and go and do what you feel is right. For atheletes? An old saying was: One day off-training? Three days to get BACK to the day before. No one is gonna just ‘wake up’ and go as if nothing’s happened. Doesn’t happen. Much as we wish it!
But, put your ‘patience hat’ on, and get to work regaining everything you can from all you have lost? And you mite just beat this beast.
We are lucky that we are not ‘abused animals’? Because we CAN speak and ARTICULATE what we feel. I watch animal rescue programs, because those silent creatures can and do give me hope. Truly, I’ve learned lots from my creatures, in that while they can’t ‘speak’ their body language and motion DO tell a good and often complete tale.
Patience, faith and heart are what will get us where we need to be…plus a few good docs or three! Don’t lose hope! Lots of us here have been down and now aren’t. Hope and other good things now!