Hey Jerimy

May 26, 2008 at 8:37 am

Ivig FOR 10 YEARS?!

I’ve read that most folks show improvement, and quickly, w the IvIg. And, if it were HELPING, a day in a chair and a $200 Co-Pay is not alot to ask.

In my case, either the disease is progrwessin g or my body dpesn’t tolerate the IVig, well. MORE numbness, confusion, vision focus problems, tremendous fatigue. Takes me two weeks to rebound, each montb a little worse (but different)

My neuro is competent but undrstaffed and overworked, doesn’t return my calls or my faxes, doesent like the Plasmasexchange, wantsto send me to a Doc in UVA that won’t see me for 2 mo9nths.

Meanwhile, Ali (from onhere) gave me the name of a Dr Cornblath at Hopkins, that “speciaslizes” in this crud- I’ve contacted them, he wants to get me in.
I guess it’s MY problem, but,m I’m a single Dad, self-employed, headed for SSDI, l;iving in a 3500 sq ft house w a 3 acre yard , projects all around, and unable to DO anything! It’s all I can do tp change the oil an a car, or ride the Mower. Even at those things I tend to shed blood!

Nothing you can do to help, but thanks for offering- I just have to figure out how to play out this hand.