hey debs

August 30, 2009 at 8:26 am

i have had what you describe. over the past year, i have steadily improved with the use of the evil prednisone. over the long months, i experienced sensation return, from the inside out– meaning, hips 1st, then thighs, then calves, now ankles and feet are slowly improving too. in fact, for the 1st time in 1.5 years, i have small reflexes in my legs and arms.

i asked my old neuro the same question you asked here. his answer was that yes, those zingers may very well be related to healing, repairing… i personally believe this to be true as i have only improved and i would notice bigger spurts of improvement following an episode of zingers. boy can they get your attention huh?

but be careful not to confuse over-exertion zingers with healing zingers. think of a scab on you knee. each time you bend your leg, it tugs and pulls at the scab and you feel pain and tightness, maybe even itchiness. i think our healing nerves are similar. anyway, that’s my 2 cents 😉