Hey Chris!

December 6, 2008 at 9:04 am

Hey Chris! Good to hear from you again! I do remember you very well! We had an email chat with each other about the VA and getting a second opinion. So glad they have given you a diagnoses.
Many years back before I got diagnosed with Lupus my first neuro I saw wanted to say I had HNPP! But he was wrong and I did not agree with him. I was having Lupus symptoms and the testing back then was not that great as it is today. Big difference in the medical field compared to what they have today.
I did alot of research on HHNP back then and it just didn’t seem to fit with me. I had the Lupus rash and other Lupus symptoms. Mine turned out to be Nervous System Lupus instead of HHNP. I was never tested either for the Genitic factors too.
There is a wonderful website that has alot of information and nice people in there that can share the same things you are going through but we also hope you stay here with us too. You leaving us will make us miss you! 😉
There are several different kinds of HHNP’s that have been diagnosed. And some are treatable while others are not. Some people they just treat the symptoms but this web site can help you understand your illness and help you in many ways.
Here is the site: [url]www.HNPP.org[/url] or you can just type in your browser
HNPP.ORG and it will come up.
Very interesting site with alot of useful information.
Hope this helps! But please come back here and visit us!
Hugs my friend! Hugs
Linda H