heres another thought

September 11, 2006 at 11:37 pm

[CENTER][B][U][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=6][COLOR=red][I]A Rest[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/U][/B][/CENTER]

[CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Close my door let me have a rest[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[SIZE=3][COLOR=red][/COLOR][/SIZE][CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]It’s been a long day and I failed my test[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]My time is short and drawing near[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Saying good-bye to all that are dear[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]All the hurting, all the pain[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]They’re trying to break me, drive me insane[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]My wife and my children were all I had[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]I can no longer please, just make them mad[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Well the battle’s over and they have won[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]When I lost the love of my only son[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Now my path is clear and my life is complete[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]My heart is broken and no longer beats[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]All that’s left is to close my lid[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]And bury this mess my surgeon did[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]I’m scared to leave, but I need to be free[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]To finally be able to rest in peace[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]-Dave Shafto[/COLOR][/SIZE]