help GBS not finished

September 23, 2007 at 7:33 am

HI, my name is MOnica and my English is not very good. I’m from Brazil. My mother is GBS since 07/11 of 2007. She is in Intensivy Unit, because she needs do respirator help of machine. Her tratament is imunoglobulina: twice. One on July and othe on September, but is not better. NOTHIN NOTHING NOTHING. She is sleepyng all the time. The doctor (is not good), talked me that she don’t better, because the form is axonal. Is not reversible. Is it possible this? She is 69 years old, but her health is excellent. She wans’t helath’s problem yet, never.
Can you help ou invited my question for other people that can help me?
Tanks MONICa
from Brazil. moxa25@