Hello my friends!!

August 28, 2010 at 10:17 am

Keeping you with the latest about Miguel recovery.
He is doing great. The physical therapist have been standing him up every other day. He says is very hard, and he has a lot of pain.
Yesterday was a little easier for him to stand up, just for seconds.
I imagine practice and repetition is the key for all the muscles of the body to come back.
He is feeling so happy of getting better day by day. The doctors say he is going to be out very soon!
I hope all you are doing good in your own recovery.

Hello My Friends……

July 11, 2008 at 11:04 pm

Thanks for letting us know of Gene’s passing. I was afraid something had happened when I did not see him replying to the recent posts. I know we all miss him, but am sure he has friends and family on the other side. Does anyone know how old Gene was ? I don’t want to keep this thread going, so if you don’t reply that is ok.
Doc David’s passing was news to me also. I always looked forward to reading the Doc’s posts first, as I wanted to see what the “Doc” had to say. I did appreciate his time with us on this site.
Would it be appropiate to have a site we could go to on here to learn of the recent passing, say at least the last 6 months, of our GBS friends ? I don’T want to be mean or hurtful or offend anyone by suggesting this, but I think it would be less hurtful for someone to check there, a listed site here, instead of having someone to respond to inquires of a passing by someone like me.
Gob bless all my friends here.