Hello lEveryone!

January 21, 2007 at 10:57 pm

I have had alot of dentist work done. Had my teeth cleaned a month before I got GBS….still wondering about that one! Did not remember having any infection from that cleaning but seems interesting to me!

I have tried to tell my Dentist not to use Lidocaine but the first time back to the Dentist in 2006 she used it and I had told the Hygentist and thought she would convey that message to the Dentist……WRONG! ….she used Lidocaine and it did not numb my mouth until I was home for over 30 minutes….over an hour after I got the shot. Then they did other work using another med and it was ok and then they used the Lidocaine again without me knowing….it did not work! They know now after I got upset and vocal about paying attention to my chart that they talk to me about what they are giving me! I think I told them that STRESS from stupid dentists can cause a relapse! They have tried a few and some only lasted a short time….so we are still experimenting with the type of agent they use. I think I have two more visits! It has been a really eye opening experience for me!

Just one more reason I am thinking of getting a medical alert bracelet.