Hello KidZ!!!

September 28, 2010 at 9:39 am

I Need HELP,
Look, I’ve kinda steere clear of this site because all this talk of wheelchairs, walkers, narcotic pain meds etc

I’ve been diagnosed w CIDP for 3 1/2 years, and have run the Gammut of prendisone, IVIG, now CellCept- Cell-Cept DID do a fair job of halting the deterioration, without the weight gain, bone loss etc of steroids. But, I’m being evaluated for probable Myeloma? So, I guess it CAN happen.

On the Positive Side, Cell Cept weas my Alternative to Chemo-Class drugs, so, I ganed a couple years of Hair and I can still walk n drive.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the CIDP is Progressing, I’ma Divorced/Single Dad of 2 kids, live in thge country, am losing about $1000/month and, now, cancer Drs?

IS there a pointr where one admits they are screwed takes a cruise, then jumps overboard????!!! The Pain ios niuts! I Don’t Sleep And I’m just wondering how it’s gonna end.

I rarely check this Forum but you are welcome to hit me at heronemus on aol

or AIM

True Words- If you think it’s the Worst, look around- there’s someone worse off and, well- If yo are Considering CellCept- It did give me a couplke Steroid Free years?

God’s Peace